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New Universities - New Urbanity? The Emergence of Campus Universities and their Impact in Germany and England.

Ph.D. Student: Sara Kröper (University of Trier)

From the 1950s to the 1970s, fundamental changes occurred in the realm of higher education that continue to define the university landscape even today. Political, social, and societal realities led many European countries to invest more interest in university education and to set up new universities, particularly in regions with lower educational profiles.

The goal of this project is to use two case studies from two different European countries – the University of York in Great Britain and the University of Trier in Germany – to compare the processes in which these universities were founded and how smoothly they went, as well as the effects that construction of these universities had on the respective cities and regions in terms of economics, culture, and urban development. Not only will it look at the “initial” situation and the decision-making processes involved, but also it will examine the links between the history of the university and that of the city, i.e. the impact of the foundation of these universities on the city and the region as well as influence that university has had on the city and vice versa. It will analyze the consequences of structural decisions made at the macro level on the local level in order to shed new light on the connections between structural decisions in the realm of education and processes of urban transformation.

Personal Website of Sara Kröper at the University of Trier.